Clash of Clans: What we know about the Spring 2017 Update

We know for certain that Supercell Games is working on a massive update for Clash of Clans. They’ve admitted as much. Unfortunately, the details of said update are pretty much a big mystery at this point, and even those who have been given a sneak peek have only teased how “different” and massive it is. So what do we know?

Different From Any Other Update

Last week, Supercell acknowledged the upcoming update, and while they are excited to share details, they aren’t quite ready yet. However, they did say it will be “different” and “much bigger” than any other update.

Even Bigger Than Clan Wars

So how big is it exactly? Up until now, Clan Wars has been considered the game’s largest update. Well according to forum moderator LachNess, the new update “makes clan wars look like a Prius next to a Ferrari.” It’s THAT big.

When are the Sneak Peeks?

Well, not this week sadly. That’s according to LachNess.

What’s NOT in the update?

Again, according to LachNess, this update will NOT contain Town Hall 12 or Level 13 Walls.

And that, my fellow Clashers, is all we know so far about the Spring 2017 update for Clash of Clans. But stay tuned as we’ll continue to post more.


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