Clash of Clans update tease #3: Jump Spell level 3

Continuing to tease the upcoming update for Clash of Clans, Supercell has revealed that a new Jump Spell level 3 has been brewed.

“Regardless of the level, this Spell will now affect ALL troops deployed, even those outside of its radius,” Supercell said. “Plus, it will now cause troops to redirect themselves immediately if it opens up a more advantageous rout close by, no more wandering about.”

Today’s “forum exclusive” also reveals that Troops will work together to break walls, targeting similar wall pieces instead of lots of different ones.

During the week, Supercell teased a few other features in the upcoming update including a Hidden Tesla Level 8 and a revamped Valkyrie. It’s not known when this update will hit, but I’m certainly excited for all the upgrades. What do you think so far?



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