Clash of Clans sneak peeks tease Tesla level 8 & improved Valkyrie

Throughout the week, developer Supercell has been teasing new features and content presumably coming in the next Clash of Clans update. Though we don’t quite know when the update will hit, we at least know a few of the things it’ll include thanks to a combination of the Clash of Clans Facebook and its forums.

On Thursday, Supercell started by giving us a sneak peek at an upgrade to the Hidden Tesla. With the update, you’ll be able to upgrade your Hidden Tesla to level 8 and shock your enemies like never before. Below is some exclusive footage along with new details about the upgraded Tesla.

The update will also allow you to copy your current village layout to your Clan War base with just one button.

On Friday, Supercell reintroduced Valkyrie: The wild Whirlwind, an improved Valkyrie.  “With her brand new technique, you will feel the power of the AXE!!!” Supercell said. When asked if she’s being improved, the developer responded, “Oh yes we did it.”

“She felt underachieved so we gave her some more training and a new skill was born! Reintroducing the Valkyrie: the Wild Whirlwind, with her mighty axe she will now attack multiple targets that are placed close to each other,” Supercell explained on the forums.

Supercell also offered a “forum exclusive” sneak peek at another featuring coming with the update. Apparently a button will be added that will allow you to re-arm your traps and reload all of your defenses easily by simply tapping your Town Hall.

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