Clash of Clans: ‘Queen Walk’ strategy still viable after Healer changes

Clash of Clans HealerWith the upcoming round of balance updates to Clash of Clans, there is some concern that the change to Healers might impact the “Queen walk” or “Super Queen” strategy on attack. For those who missed it, Healers will now trigger air traps, which has some players concerned.

Supercell has responded to player feedback, assuring “Queen walk” will still be a viable strategy, even with the change.

“A well executed Queen walk is incredibly powerful, though it is still a strategy of skill that we have no intention of removing from the game. We find that the extra risk of air traps provides a measured balance to the powerful rewards of this strategy,” Supercell said.

“A typical Queen walk generally exposes Healers to a very small area of the Village. Even if a defender places all 5 Seeking Air Mines around the outside of their Village, our playtesting has shown that it is very uncommon for more than one Healer to be shot down during a well executed Queen walk. It might be a good idea for attackers that rely on a solid Queen walk to deploy an extra Healer “just in case,” but we find the strategy still highly effective.”

Supercell noted they will continue to monitor this strategy, especially in light of the increase in the Eagle Artillery activiation limit. With the update, attackers can now deploy more of their army before Eagle Artillery will activate. This change gives attackers more early battle flexibility.

“The increase in the Eagle Artillery activation limit further supports this strategy for TH11 Queen walkers, and we will do further balancing if we find that this strategy has become unduly punished,” Supercell said.

The balance changes are not yet live, so it’s hard to really gauge how much of an impact these changes will have on strategy, but what do you think?


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