Clash of Clans new Lava Hound troop revealed

Clash of Clans Lava Hound

As expected, Supercell Games today unveiled the brand new troop coming to Clash of Clans in the next update — the Lava Hound.

Described as an “air tank,” the Lava Hound is capable of soaking up damage by air defense structures, which is perfect considering that the update will also add a Level 13 Archer Tower.

Popular Clash of Clans YouTuber Chief Pat managed to get early access to the new unit and posted a video describing its functionality. The Lava Hound will first focus air defense buildings, before targeting other castle defenses, and then eventually every building; however, it’s main purpose is to provide a tank for your other air units. As seen in the video, it’s smart to first send in your Lava Hounds, which upon death split up into smaller more distracting Lava Pups, and then immediately send in your damage dealing flying troops, like dragons, minions, and balloons.

Check out Chief Pat’s new video for a better idea of how to utilize the Lava Hound in fights.

Although the Lava Hound is easily the most exciting announcement thus far, it hasn’t been the only one teased for the incoming update. Other sneak peeks include level 6 Dark Barracks,  level 7 Barbarians and Archers, reduced Valkyrie training time, the ability to upgrade an entire row of wall pieces at once, and the option to upgrade level 6-plus walls with Elixir instead of Gold. Lava Hounds require Town Hall level 9.


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