Clash of Clans May 2017 Update not releasing this week, still planned for this month

Clash of Clans Boat Update May 2017Clash of Clans mysterious and massive update — the one that supposedly has to do with boats/ships (and possibly much more) — will not be releasing this week, but Supercell has at least reaffirmed that the update is still on track for May 2017.

Over on the forums, LachNessMeownster refreshed his “update radar” and said update will not be arriving this week. He did, however, say the update is “planned for May 2017,” which leaves us with a one-and-a-half week window (May 22-May 31).

There’s plenty of excitement surrounding the new update, but with Supercell opting not to share official sneak peeks, there’s plenty of mystery as well. Thankfully, Lachness has provided some sneak peeks, which you can read about here.



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