Clash of Clans May 2017 ‘Boat’ Update Sneak Peeks

Clash of Clans Boat UpdateAs you’re probably well aware by now, Clash of Clans is getting an update this month. The update, dubbed the “boat” or “ship” update, presumably contains many new features and additions to the game — the most notable, of course, being the mysterious “broken boat” that appeared off the coast of players’ villages. We don’t know what it does or where it leads, but the internet and forums are filled with speculation and theories.

Unlike past updates for the game, Supercell has opted not to lead up to its release with a week or so of sneak peeks. That’s right, this update is totally being kept under wraps with nothing but short teaser videos that offer no real credible information.

But while we’re not getting sneak peeks in the typical fashion, we thankfully have the forums. With the forums at least come some details about the update.

Here’s what we know:

  • Not Town Hall 12
  • No level 13 walls.
  • Its unique from any update, and it’s huge.
  • There will be no new hero levels in this update.
  • There will be a boat that needs repairing.
  • There will be an achievement called “Un-Build It”.
  • The update is planned for May 2017
  • Versus battles? – True

Now that’s all that has been confirmed by moderator LachNessMeownster.

Of course, we also have speculation.

And then we have the teaser trailers, which might contain some hints if you can find any.

There will be a total of FIVE teaser trailers, and then we can assume the update will be unleashed upon us (maybe some time next week?)

In the meantime, enjoy the boat ride leading up to its release!


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