Clash of Clans May 2016 Balancing Update detailed


Not to be outdone by the recently released spinoff Clash Royale (and its update today), Clash of Clans — Supercell’s original strategy action mobile game — is getting an update of its own.

Supercell today detailed the May 2016 Balancing update, a small update “that is all about time!”

“Full armies will be ready much faster, the Bowler gets a minor buff, and matchmaking search timeouts have been increased for top players,” Supercell said, sharing some details, which you can see below:

  • 2x faster brewing for all Spells
  • 2x faster training for Dragon, Witch and Wall Breaker
  • 3x faster training for Golem, Lava Hound and P.E.K.K.A
  • Hugely reduced Hero regeneration times
  • Faster training also for Balloon, Wizard, Healer, Valkyrie and Bowler

“We’re looking to get players battling with full and well-balanced armies much more often than before. Waiting several hours for heavy armies will be a thing of the past. Army building boosts still provide a 4x speed boost atop this – blazing fast!” Supercell explained.

Other changes include:

  • Gameplay balance: Bowler starts attacking much faster when reaching a target

“The Bowler landed a bit softer than he would have liked. While we continue to watch how strategies evolve with this new troop, a faster first-attack speed (similar to the recent Valkyrie buff) will make sure Bowlers don’t lag behind the rest of the army.”

  • Maximum timeout searching for opponents raised from 5 to 30 minutes

“This change mainly affects players at very high Trophy counts who are familiar with waiting in the clouds for targets. Previously, the game would ask you to tap a “Retry” button after a 5-minute matchmaking timeout. Now that tap is only required every 30 minutes to keep on searching.”

Supercell didn’t say when exactly the update will hit, but expect it sometime this month.


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