Clash of Clans gets a boost discount on Elixir and Barracks

In a surprise announcement today, Clash of Clans developer SuperCell has confirmed that all Elixir collectors and barracks have received a discount for boosting — increasing the amount of resource collected or lowering the time needed to create a unit.

Starting today and running for three weeks, you can boost your elixir collectors, barracks, and dark barracks for 24 hours for just one gem. SuperCell also hinted that a similar offer could be applied to your other collectors as well.

“No, Santa has not forgotten your other collectors,” the developer said. “More info to follow earlier next week.”

Gems can be purchased with real cash from the in-game store, or by completing Achievements or clearing obstacles around your village. Check out our guide for how to get more Gems in Clash of Clans.


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