Clash of Clans: Friendly Wars now available

Back in September, Supercell teased a “Clan Challenge” feature for Clash of Clans. Well, that feature arrived with today’s October 2016 update, and it’s officially called “Friendly Wars.”

Friendly Wars allow any two Clans to do battle with custom settings and arrangements.  The host is be able to set various rules, including the duration of preparation and the number of battle days.

Below is a quick guide explaining how to issue your own Friendly Wars, as well as  details for how these wars will work.

  • Friendly War challenges are issued via opponent Clan Profiles
  • Accept Friendly War challenges from Clan chat
    New Friendly War Clan settings: disable challenges
  • Choose custom war durations (as short as one hour!) and sizes from 5v5 to 50v50!
  • Friendly War attacks do not consume your armies (only attacking Clan Castle troops are consumed when attacking)
  • It’s just for fun! Friendly Wars award no war loot or Clan XP

Supercell previously noted that Clan Challenges aren’t meant to replace Clan Wars. For example, you will not be able to issue a Clan Challenge while there’s an ongoing Clan War. Rather, the purpose of the mode is to “offer better support for events and meet-ups organized by players, as well as other online/offline Community initiatives.”


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