Clash of Clans: Clashmas Gift #1 is Santa’s Surprise

Supercell revealed today the first of three planned gifts for Clash of Clans players as part of the winter festivities.

Opening up present number one today, it was revealed that Santa’s Surprise will return for a limited time (until January 5, 2017).

For those unfamiliar, Santa’s Surprise is a special Christmas Spell that can be brewed in the Spell Factory (Town Hall 5). It takes two spell slots and costs 19,000 Elixir to brew regardless of Town Hall level. However, your Town Hall level does determine how much damage Santa’s Surprise will do. Santa’s Surprise takes 6 minutes to brew, and will damage both ground and air troops, and buildings (except for Storages).

Santa’s Surprise also brings a present for those who are attacked. During the spell, it drops 5 gifts onto the base. When the base owner returns, they can click on one of the boxes and will be rewarded with 25,000 Elixir (5,000 per gift).

As a reminder, this is the first of three planned Clashmas gifts, so be sure to check back for the remaining two presents.


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