Clash of Clans: Builder Hall 6 brings ‘The Roaster’, a Night Witch counter

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 6

The upcoming Clash of Clans content update will introduce Builder Hall 6 along with a new offensive unit, The Night Witch. As detailed, the Night Witch is a perfect unit to take out the Crusher (deadly to Barbarians and Giants).

But as Supercell explained, “We couldn’t add a cool offensive unit without coming up with a way to defend against it.”

Enter “The Roaster,” a flame-spitting defensive building that will bathe your foes in scalding plasma. Here are its details:

  • Range of 7 tiles
  • Burst fire of 15 shots
  • At Level 6 it does 16 damage per shot
  • Hits ground and air units
  • Does Area Splash type damage

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