Clash of Clans Base Builder Guide: New Troops Detailed

Clash of Clans Builder Base UpdateThe Clash of Clans May 2017 update introduced a brand new village, the Base Builder. This second village introduces some slight tweaks to the traditional Clash of Clans gameplay, and even some of the game’s units. In addition to some new troops, some existing ones have received a bit of a boost. Here are the details.

Raged Barbarian: Raged Barbarian is the first troop type you have unlocked in Base Builder. Similar to the regular Barbarian, however, when placed the Raged Barbarian has increased Speed and Damage for a initial short period due to the “Rage” special ability.

Sneaky Archer: Again, similar to regular Archers, the Sneaky Archer comes with the special ability “Cloak” which makes them invisible when first placed. While invisible, they can fire upon buildings and not be seen for a short period, so target cannons and defenses first.

Boxer Giant: Tank type troop that comes with “Power Punch” which makes their first attack deal 250% damage. These are good for soaking damage.

Beta Minion: Minions in your home village are often used to ‘snipe’ buildings so what better of a special ability than the ‘Long Shot’. For a short period of time the Beta Minion will fire from a longer range meaning you can more easily snipe off buildings that may normally be in range of defenses.

Bomber: The bomber is a new troop. Imagine a wallbreaker that can throw the bombs instead. It will attack anything and everything – buildings, walls, whatever he sees first, although he does get a bonus against walls (similar to the regular wallbreaker in your home village). This troop is great to use in combination with the Boxer Giant.

Baby Dragon: Similar to the regular Baby Dragon, but it receives a bonus when not in range of other air units.

Cannon Cart: Another new troop, the cannon cart is essentially the cannon from defense, except with wheels to bring into battle. It brings a ton of fire power and comes with the “Last Stand” special ability which allows it to fire a few final shots before dying.

Battle Machine: Your Master Builders prized invention. This is your Builder Base Hero. You don’t unlock it until BH5 and need to upgrade it to level 5 before being able to use the ability. Similar to the Barbarian King – very good for tanking but with a re-useable ability. That’s right, the ability has a regeneration time so you can use it again and again so long as he doesn’t get taken out.



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