Clash of Clans adding level 5 dragons with next update

Clash of Clans Dragons level 5

A new update is coming to Clash of Clans. Developer Supercell Games started teasing the new features and content coming to the game on Friday, revealing Level 5 Dragons.

Not much is known about the new dragon, except that it can be built when you have a Level 10 Town Hall.

Additionally, the update will also allow the ability to build a second Air Sweeper, which was added to the game back in April. The second Air Sweeper will be available at Town Hall 8.

Lastly, the update will make it much easier for you to train your troops. Rather than searching your Village for Barracks, a new “Training” button will be added just above “Attack” to allow you to easily train troops.

Stay tuned as we continue to learn more about the upcoming Clash of Clans update.



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