Clash of Clans adding ‘Clan Challenge’ feature

Clash of Clans - Clan Challenge

Providing a sneak peek into the future of Clash of Clans, Supercell today revealed that they are working on a new “Clan Challenge” mode for the popular mobile game.

“With Clan Challenges, Clans will be able issue a friendly War request to any other Clan daring to accept the challenge!” Supercell said.

As explained, the feature will allow Clans to issue a friendly war request to another Clan that’s willing to accept the challenge. The host will be able to set various rules, including the duration of preparation and the number of battle days.

Supercell was sure to note that Clan Challenges aren’t meant to replace Clan Wars. For example, you will not be able to issue a Clan Challenge while there’s an ongoing Clan War. Rather, the purpose of the mode is to “offer better support for events and meet-ups organized by players, as well as other online/offline Community initiatives.”

Though still lacking more specific details, it seems like Clan Challenge will operate under similar regulations as the Friendly Challenge mode, which was introduced back in the May update. Friendly Challenge allowed clanmates to battle against one another without penalty in order to practice for future wars and try out different strategies.

What do you think of the addition of Clan Challenges?


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