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Rogue Legacy coming to Vita on July 29

Rogue Legacy Vita

Cellar Door Games, with the help of Abstraction Games, is bringing Rogue Legacy to PlayStation Vita on July 29. For those unfamiliar, Rogue Legacy is described as a rogue-“LITE”. What this means is that it offers a unique spin on traditional roguelike games. You’ll still have to restart when you die — and the entire castle will change […]

PS Plus Vita games for May (Europe): Muramasa Rebirth and Everybody’s Golf

Muramasa Rebirth

Sony has revealed the lineup of free games heading to PlayStation Plus in May. And paving the way for Sony’s handheld is Muramasa Rebirth, a faithful port of Vanillaware’s classic side-scrolling action-RPG. Immersive, stylish, and full of action, Muramasa Rebirth‘s twin campaigns, multiple endings, hidden Demon Swords, and massive exploration will keep you busy for a while […]

Borderlands 2 brings shoot and loot to the Vita

Borderlands 2 on Vita

Gearbox Software and 2K Games’ extremely popular first-person co-op shooter-looter Borderlands 2 is coming to the PlayStation Vita. “You spoke, we listened, and with the wonderful collaboration between 2K, PlayStation and the team at Iron Galaxy Studios – makers of indie fighting game Divekick – we can finally make Borderlands 2 on PS Vita a reality!” Gearbox product […]

2D Platformer Fez coming to Vita


Polytron’s award winning platformer Fez will be coming to the PlayStation Vita (as well as other PlayStation platforms), Sony announced today. “Making Fez happen has been such an incredible journey, and we are truly thrilled to see our game come to PlayStation platforms,” Polytron producer Marie-Chrstine Bourdua wrote in a follow-up post on the PlayStation Blog. […]

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate announced for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita

Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate

Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita owners will soon have their own Batman: Arkham game. Warner Bros. yesterday announced Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate,  a “2.5-D Metroid-style exploration action game” only for 3DS and Vita. The spin-off was announced at the same time of the new console installment, Batman: Arkham Origins – a prequel to the prior […]

First look at MLB 13 The Show’s changes to Diamond Dynasty

MLB 13 The Show

Sony has released a new video giving baseball fans a first look at the new and improved Diamond Dynasty mode in MLB 13 The Show. In the video, game designer Nick Livingston walks us through the key changes made to the mode including an overall balance of the mode and addressing players quitting halfway through the game. For […]

escapeVektor dated and priced for the PS Vita


Nnooo’s retro-styled arcade game, escapeVektor, will be available on the PS Vita next week, the developer announced. In the game you control Vektor, an entity trapped inside the player’s CPU. It’s up to you to help Vektor escape the CPU which has been holding him captive. In making his escape, Vektor must get through obstacles and avoid […]

Alien Breed invading PS Vita in early February

Alien Breed

In early February, Team 17 Digital Limited’s classic top-down shooter Alien Breed will land on PlayStation Network. The survival-horror game will be available for PlayStation Vita, giving both old and new fans alike a chance to experience the game in either old-school 16-bit graphics or with new enhanced graphics. Alien Breed features a story mode of […]

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time video shows a successful heist

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time screenshot

A new gameplay video for upcoming Vita game Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time shows just what you’ll need to do to pull off one of the game’s many time-traveling heists. The video shows the game’s basic mechanics that will require you to switch between Sly and his team of thieves to pull off a heist on El Jefe, […]

Don’t forget to cast your vote for the cover of MLB 13 The Show

MLB 13 The Show cover

With Sony already confirming release of MLB 13 The Show on PlayStation Vita, it’s time to focus on the next most important thing: the cover. Voting for the cover of Sony’s MLB 13 The Show kicked off this week with the candidates — seven of baseball’s best players — campaigning for your vote. Though it’s not nearly as cut […]

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