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Brave Frontier New Rare Summons: Defiant Luther, Crusher Uda and Evil Kajah

Brave Frontier Defiant Luther, Crusher Uda and Evil Kajah

Brave Frontier has added three new characters, now available through the Rare Summon gate: Defiant Luther, Crusher Uda, and Evil Kajah, “Gods that came back for revenge with other gods.” “Conquer the battlefields with them and be recognized as a Legendary Summoner,” developer Gumi says. Below are the stats for each of the new characters, including their […]

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game ‘Summer’ Updates directly integrated into game

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game beach

Last week, Glu Games teased that new Summer updates for red carpet adventure Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game would be “coming soon.” Apparently, they meant really soon as the contents of the update have been directly integrated into the game, which means no major updating necessary. Glu Games didn’t get too specific when it came to announcing what the […]

Brave Frontier: Noble Fist Dilma 6-star form

Noble Fist Dilma

Continuing to detail the new 6-star forms of Dilma, Logan, and Rashil from the latest update in Brave Frontier (on August 27, 2014), developer Gumi has finally shed some light on Noble Fist Dilma, as the 6-star is officially called. Below are details, including leader skill, brave burst, super brave burst, and required evolution materials. Noble Fist Dilma “A martial […]

Gumi ‘aware of’ recent Brave Frontier game crashes

Brave Frontier

Following the most recent Brave Frontier update, it appears that some users are experiencing some crashes during gameplay.  This has been happening over the last 24 hour time period, according to developer Gumi which addressed the issue in a recent forum post. “In line with this, we would like to inform and assure all of you […]

Brave Frontier: Sky Mage Rashil 6-star form

Brave Frontier Sky Mage Rashil

In an update for Brave Frontier on August 27, 2014, Rashil was given a 6-star form (along with Dilma and Logan). When in her 6-star form, Rashil is known as “Sky Mage Rashil.” Below are details, including leader skill, brave burst, super brave burst, and required evolution materials. Sky Mage Rashil “A wizard who long ago led an […]

Brave Frontier: Logan, Dilma and Rashil 6-star forms detailed

Brave Frontier: Logan, Dilma, Rashil

Dilma, Rashil and Logan have each been given 6-star forms in Brave Frontier – each of which are detailed below. Henceforth, their 6-star forms shall be known as: Noble Fist Dilma, Sky Mage Rashil and Inferno Swords Logan. Gumi has begun to detail each of the characters new forms’ stats, skills and required evolution materials. Inferno […]

FarmVille 2: Country Escape update adds Crop Silo, Farm Order Board

FarmVille 2: Country Escape Crop Silo

Yesterday, Zynga released a new update in App Stores for FarmVille 2: Country Escape. The version number changes depending on what platform you’re playing on, but the content of the update is the same regardless. The big features in this update are the Crop Silo and Farm Order board — both of which are explained in […]

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game Summer updates to add ‘super cute’ beach looks

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game beach

Glu Games has announced that new updates for red carpet adventure Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game are in the works and “coming soon.” Though the developer didn’t get into specifics, they did say the new update would include new clothes, quests, challenges, run-ins with your rival, as well as new levels. In a post today, Glu Games teased […]

Brave Frontier’s Electric Summon rates up ahead of Thunder Vortex Arena

Brave Fronter Electric Summon

In just a few short hours, Brave Frontier will host a special Thunder Vortex Arena. And to help players prepare, Gumi has increased the summon rates for certain Thunder units. For the next few hours, until Thursday, August 21 at 6:59 am, Lodin, Bran, Grybe, Elsel, Rashil and Rina have increased summon rates from the Rare […]

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood ‘London’ update released; here are the patch notes

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood London

Glu Games has released an update for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood that lets players take their red carpet adventure to the far region of London, England. The patch, which is version 1.3.0 of the game adds upscale ballroom appearances, new characters, and more quests. Below are the patch notes provided by Glu Games for the update: ⋆ New clothing […]

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