Canceled Star Wars Outpost was a ‘hardcore’ strategy sim for mobile

Star Wars Outpost

A new report from Eurogamer featuring leaked artwork and images has revealed that at one point prior to Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise, there was a “hardcore” strategy simulation game called Star Wars Outpost.

In development for PC and mobile devices, Star Wars Outpost was said to be nearly 90 percent finished when it was canceled, revealed a source close to the now-canceled project, which was in development out of LucasArts’ Singapore office.

“We were just looking for approval to start public beta testing. Instead we got a call they were going to kill the project,” the source said.

Star Wars Outpost

Rumors initially referred to the title as a Farmville clone, although the source described it more as a “very hardcore” experience, likening it to Settlers of Catan and EVE.

“The best way to describe the game is if Star Wars met Settlers of Catan/EVE,” said the source. “You would take control of an Outpost on a planet within [the Star Wars galaxy]. The land on the planet was finite and so were the resources, so you were forced to search out and find other players. You had choices to either work with them or betray them for their resources.”

“You could then start supplying weapons/ships/tools etc. to either the Rebels or the Empire. Supporting each side would control a balance of power where that side could start taking over the Galaxy.”

It was built like an MMO, with nearby ally players slowly connecting to you via networks of roads and trade routes. If a planet were completely controlled by Rebels or Empire, it would grant bonuses to the appropriately-aligned Outposts.

Star Wars Outpost

It’s unclear exactly made the ultimate decision to cancel the project, but the reasoning was that the title was considered too niche.

While niche, it was certainly ambitious. The source revealed that the original design also called for Star Wars Outpost to connect with Star Wars: First Assault, the heavily-rumored, but never officially confirmed XBLA title, that would serve as a predecessor to the also canceled Star Wars: Battlefront 3. The goal was to allow players in Outpost to create weapons or ships for use in First Assault.

“We had the back-end working but not in-game,” the source revealed. “Then the players from First Assault could buy those unique weapons and equipment. You could also send in dropship supplies to help a side during the fight.”

Alas the project never came to fruition as Star Wars Outpost was ultimately scrapped, along with Star Wars 1313, Star Wars: First Assault, and who knows how many other promising games. At least we’ll always have the artwork.

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