Can You Escape Tower Walkthrough: Level 9

Can You Escape Tower is a new room-escape puzzle game from MobiGrow, creators of Can You Escape and Can You Escape 2. Like their other games, the purpose of this is to solve the puzzles and find all of the hidden objects that you have to use in order to break out of the room and advance to the next floor. Currently, Can You Escape Tower is available for Android devices, but will likely be heading to iOS soon.

Can You Escape Tower Room/Level 9 Walkthrough:

1. Tap on the cabinet on the right and open the bottom doors. Take the top.

2. On the shelf above, tap the green books to take them.

3. Back out and look at the bookcase on the back wall (right of the table). Take the green book that’s leaning against the others.

4. Tap the bottom of the bookcase and look at the very bottom of it. Take the dark black orb.

5. Tap the window to look at the stars. Use the orb on the stars to get them all.

6. Use the orb on the bookshelf (left of the table) to light it up. You’ll see a puzzle, but ignore it for now.

7. Tap the table and use the circular cap on it. You’ll see a puzzle “APERI”. Using the two books you have in your inventory, figure out which letter corresponds to the what number. Enter the code “91540”. Take the scroll.

8. Open up the scroll and go back to the puzzle that’s on the left bookshelf. Tap the areas of the grid that correspond to the clue on the scroll: 8L, 2H, C3, 4A, D7, K2. Take the key.

9. Go back to the original cabinet on the right and use the key in the lock at the top of it. The secret door will be revealed for you to escape out of.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 9 of Can You Escape Tower. Continue to level 10.


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