Can You Escape Tower Walkthrough: Level 6

Can You Escape Tower is a new room-escape puzzle game from MobiGrow, creators of Can You Escape and Can You Escape 2. Like their other games, the purpose of this is to solve the puzzles and find all of the hidden objects that you have to use in order to break out of the room and advance to the next floor. Currently, Can You Escape Tower is available for Android devices, but will likely be heading to iOS soon.

Can You Escape Tower Room/Level 6 Walkthrough:

1. Tap the barrel on the left and take the shovel that’s behind it.

2. Tap the sword rack and take a sword of the rack. Also take the mallet head next to the rack.

3. Take a spear off the rack against the back wall.

4. Use the spear tip to get the bow off the wall.

5. Use the shovel to remove the bricks. Take the wooden pole underneath.

6. Combine the wooden pole with the mallet head.

7. On the right wall, notice the off-colored spot. Use the mallet on that spot to break it open, revealing a clue (squares, triangles, and a bunch of circle targets).

8. Use the sword on the barrel to break it open and take the arrow tip. Combine the bow with the arrow tip.

9. Notice the shields on the wall. They show you clues for which targets to hit. The “X” indicates which target to shoot, while the shapes on the left and right show you the position of X.

10. Shoot the following targets:

  1. Row 2: 1st target (triangle)
  2. Row 1: 3rd target (triangle)
  3. Row 1: 4th target (circle)

11. Go back and the door will be open.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 6 of Can You Escape Tower. Continue to level 7.


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