Can You Escape Tower Walkthrough: Level 4

Can You Escape Tower is a new room-escape puzzle game from MobiGrow, creators of Can You Escape and Can You Escape 2. Like their other games, the purpose of this is to solve the puzzles and find all of the hidden objects that you have to use in order to break out of the room and advance to the next floor. Currently, Can You Escape Tower is available for Android devices, but will likely be heading to iOS soon.

Can You Escape Tower Room/Level 4 Walkthrough:

1. Take the torch stick that’s leaning against the left wall. Light it using the already lit torch on the wall.

2. Use the lit torch in your inventory to light the torch on the right side of the door. Notice the clue I=2

3. Tap the dark hole in the left wall and use the torch on it to see inside. Take the key that’s inside.

4. Use the key to open the chest and take the sword blade. Remember the clue II=5

4. Tap the desk  on the right and take the sword handle. Remember the clue III=9

5. Combine the sword blade and handle.

6. Tap the painting on the right wall and use the torch to light up the faces of the people in the picture in the correct order: start with the baby and go counter-clockwise. Once the painting moves, place the sword into the slot. Remember the clue IV=1

7. Go back to the desk and enter the code “2591” into the box on the desk. Take the key and use it to open the door. Escape the room.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 4 of Can You Escape Tower. Continue to level 5.


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