Can You Escape Tower Walkthrough: Level 3

Can You Escape Tower is a new room-escape puzzle game from MobiGrow, creators of Can You Escape and Can You Escape 2. Like their other games, the purpose of this is to solve the puzzles and find all of the hidden objects that you have to use in order to break out of the room and advance to the next floor. Currently, Can You Escape Tower is available for Android devices, but will likely be heading to iOS soon.

Can You Escape Tower Room/Level 3 Walkthrough:

1. Take the torch off the left wall and use it on the spider next that’s on the same wall. Take the wooden object once the spider is gone.

2. Pick up the three bricks from off the ground.

3. Pick up the bottle in the back left corner. You’ll get a piece of paper with a clue on it. Find the three shapes that are different from all the rest (they are upside down U shape)

4. Tap the gray shelves on the right. Place the bricks in the location of the upside down U shapes on the clue. Place the bricks:

  • Row 1, Column 3
  • Row 2, Column 7
  • Row 4, Column 2

5. Take the wooden handle that pops out of the side and combine it with the other object in your inventory to create a lockpick.

6. Use the lockpick to break the lock on the door and escape.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 3 of Can You Escape Tower. Continue to level 4.


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