Can You Escape The Dark Mansion 2 Level 3 Walkthrough

Can You Escape The Dark Mansion 2 is the follow-up sequel game to the iOS room escape game, Can You Escape The Dark Mansion. The sequel puts you in the shoes of another lost soul unraveling the mysteries of the Dark Mansion, a place betwixt, that appears on no earthly map. The apparently endless and shifting rooms have claimed countless victims. So you don’t become another, below is a walkthrough for each level in Can You Escape The Dark Mansion 2, downloadable for iOS devices here.

Can You Escape The Dark Mansion 2: Level 3 Walkthrough

Step 1: Look at the bookshelf and remember the color and first letters of each book:

  • Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
  • L, O, S, S

Step 2: Open the box on the right by changing the colors to the same order as the books: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. Take the hammer.

Step 3: Use the letters to open the box closer to you (near the other box): L, O, S, S. Take the dagger handle.

Step 4: Look at the painting that’s to the right of the bookshelf and use the hammer to break it.

Step 5: Use the eye vision to see the dagger blade hidden inside, then take it. Place the dagger pieces into the dagger mold on the table and use the completed dagger on the door keyhole to open it.

Congratulations. You’ve escaped level 3 of Can You Escape The Dark Mansion 2. Continue to level 4.


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