Can You Escape Adventure Walkthrough: Level 6

Can You Escape – Adventure is a new room-escape puzzle game from developer Mobest Media (creators of Can You Escape TowerYou Must Escape). Like those games, the goal is to test your escaping skills at different locations by solving puzzles and using all objects around you to advance to the next stages. If you get stuck, simply follow the steps below in the walkthrough. Can You Escape – Adventure is available for Android devices.

Can You Escape – Adventure Walkthrough: Level 6

Step 1: Tap the bookcase on the right and take the elephant statue.

Step 2: Tap the bookcase on the left and place the elephant statue in the empty spot in the row. Rearrange the elephants in order from largest to smallest. You’ll see a snake when complete.

Step 3: Tap the chest on the left and you’ll see a green picture hidden underneath it. Take the green picture.

Step 4: Tap the gold picture frame and place the green picture into the center. Rearrange the pieces of the puzzle to complete the picture of the snake.

Step 5: Tap the coat rack in the back and move the sombrero. Move the black hate as well. You’ll see one grey bird statue

Step 6: Go back to the chest and change the numbers to the following:

  • Elephant (statues) = 7
  • Birds (coat rack) = 1
  • Snakes (picture and statue) = 2

Step 7: Take the key and escape.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 6 of Can You Escape – Adventure. Continue to level 7.


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