Can You Escape 3 Level 2 Walkthrough

Can You Escape 3 is the third game in what is so-far MobiGrow‘s (aka Mobest Media) room escape puzzle trilogy, Can You Escape. Can You Escape 3 welcomes you to the residence of 15 unique characters — such as a rockstar, writer, sportsman, etc. — each with their own tastes and lifestyle. Your goal, like the previous two games, is to solve the puzzles by finding all of the hidden objects that you must use to break out of the rooms and escape this strange place. Should you get stuck, we have a walkthrough for all 15 levels below.

Room/Level 2 Walkthrough:

Step 1: Look around the room and find the books that show the following clues:

  • Square w/ circle outside of it: I
  • Triangle w/ circle outside of it: II
  • Triangle w/ circle inside of it: III
  • Square: IV
  • Inside the cabinet with clues “IV” and “II” take the screw

Step 2: Tap the desk on the left wall and tap the top right drawer. Enter the combination:

  • Top left (Square): IV
  • Top Right: III
  • Bottom Left: II
  • Bottom Right: I
  • Take the feather ink pen and notice the wood piece with the empty slots underneath.

Step 3: Tap the desk in the back of the room (the place where the grey book was) and put the feathered pen into the holder. It’ll open the drawer. Take the ink. Combine the ink with the screw in your inventory.

Step 4: Go back to the desk on the left and tap the big drawer in the middle. Use the ink on the paper next to the green book and it’ll reveal three lines each with a black tick mark at a specific location. Remember the locations.

Step 5: Go to the typewriter at the right desk. Change the black balls to reflect where the tick marks were on the paper:

  • Top: 2 taps
  • Middle: 1 tap
  • Bottom: 4 taps (far end)
  • Take the wooden pieces

Step 6: Go back to the drawer where you got the feather ink pen (step 2) and place the wooden pieces into the draw. Tap to turn them so they reflect the pattern of the wooden block. Tap each letter individually to make it face the right direction then tap where it needs to go into the block.

Step 7: Take the key and use it to escape.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 2 of Can You Escape 3. Continue to level 3.


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