Can You Escape 3 Level 1 Walkthrough

Can You Escape 3 is the third game in what is so-far MobiGrow‘s (aka Mobest Media) room escape puzzle trilogy, Can You Escape. Can You Escape 3 welcomes you to the residence of 15 unique characters — such as a rockstar, writer, sportsman, etc. — each with their own tastes and lifestyle. Your goal, like the previous two games, is to solve the puzzles by finding all of the hidden objects that you must use to break out of the rooms and escape this strange place. Should you get stuck, we have a walkthrough for all 15 levels below.

Room/Level 1 Walkthrough:

Step 1: Tap the green lockers on the left wall. Notice the order of cans. Going from left to right: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

Step 2: Tap the drink machine on the right and tap the colors in the following order: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. Take the key off the can.

Step 3: Tap the green lockers again and use the key to unlock the locker (2nd column, 2nd row). Take the two black buttons.

Step 4: Tap the mat in front of the elevator to pick it up. Notice the note: “2908”

Step 5: Go back to the green lockers and tap the lock (3rd column, 1st row).  Enter the combination “2908”. Take the card and combine it with the two black buttons in your inventory.

Step 6: Tap the elevator pad on the right and put the buttons in place. Back out and escape.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 1 of Can You Escape 3. Continue to level 2.



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