Can You Escape 2 Walkthrough: Level 7

Can You Escape 2 is the sequel to MobiGrow’s room escape puzzler, Can You Escape. Like the original, the purpose of the game is to solve the puzzles by finding all of the hidden objects that you must use to break out of the rooms and advance to the next floor. Can You Escape 2 is currently available for Android devices. Below is a complete walkthrough for each level in Can You Escape 2.

Room/Level 7 Walkthrough:

1. Investigate the money (he’s holding a key). Also notice the green paw print on the frame behind him. Remember what shape it is.

2. Go to the wooden desk on the right wall and notice the red paw print on the floor. Also remember what shape it is.

3. Go to the next room by pressing the left arrow. Look at the cage and see the blue paw print on the wall behind it. Remember what shape it is.

4. Go back to the main room and look at the desk again, but this time the top of it. Notice the yellow hand print on the paper.

5. Go to the drawers to the left of the exit door and you’ll see the four color blocks with different paw prints. Change them to reflect the ones you just found scattered in the room to open the chest and take the banana.

  • Red = 1 taps
  • Blue = 4 taps
  • Green = no taps
  • Yellow = 6 taps

6. Give the banana to the monkey and take the key.

7. Go to the freezer in the back of the room and use the key to open the lock. Take the meat.

8. Go to the wooden desk and place the meat in the pan. Look at the bottom of the pan and take the left cap off the pipe.

9. Go to the other room (with the leopard) and open the cabinet doors on the left wall. Slide the red tank and the gasoline jug to the left and take the liquid behind it. Go back to the pan and pour the liquid into the pipe you uncovered.

10. Go to the desk drawers again and open the 2nd drawer. Take the yellow tape with the fish drawing on top.

11. Go back to the other room and look at the fish tank. Open up the case and you’ll see the numbers “7583” on the rock underwater.

12. Go back tot he desk drawers and enter the combination “7563” to unlock the top drawer. Take the matches and use them to light the burner under the pan. Take the cooked meat filets

13. Go back to the room with the leopard and place the cooked meat into the bowl int he right cage. The leopard will walk to it. Go to the left part of the cage and take the keycard that’s on the floor.

14. Look at the top middle part of the cages and you’ll see a screen. Use the keycard on it and you’ll reveal a scrambled picture. Tap the pieces to unscramble the image of the zebras.

15. Go into the left part of the cage and tap on the locked wooden floor. Tap each circle until the color lines up next to the matching line. (example: tap the left circle two times so the blue quarter is touching the blue line). Press the red button.

16. Go back to the main room and exit the door, which is now open.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 7 of Can You Escape 2. Continue to Level 8.


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