Can You Escape 2 Walkthrough: Level 4

Can You Escape 2 is the sequel to MobiGrow’s room escape puzzler, Can You Escape. Like the original, the purpose of the game is to solve the puzzles by finding all of the hidden objects that you must use to break out of the rooms and advance to the next floor. Can You Escape 2 is currently available for Android devices. Below is a complete walkthrough for each level in Can You Escape 2.

Room/Level 4 Walkthrough:

1. Tap the garbage and then open it using the pedal. You’ll see two sets of three circles arranged in a particular order. Remember this order (three going diagonal from left to right and three in the shape of a “V” )

2. Go to the desk and you’ll see six knobs. Change them so they reflect the pattern shown by the circles.

  • The first set of three should make a diagonal going from top left down to bottom right
  • The second set of three should make a V by tapping the middle knob once

3. Go to the desk on the right and inspect the computer monitor. You’ll see two rows of colors with numbers and letters

4. Back out and open the cabinet to the left of the monitor. Take the top of the hammer that’s inside.

5. Back out and in the middle of the room you’ll see a pile of blocks. Investigate the blocks.

  • top row = red B, blue 3, blue C
  • bottom row = red 2, yellow A, yellow A

6. Go back to the monitor and change the screen so it reflects the blocks:

  • top row = red B, blue 3, blue C
  • bottom row = red 2, yellow A, yellow A

7. The numbers 1, 4, 6, 7 will be green on the screen. Back out so you see the full room again.

8. Tap the left arrow and you’ll see an entirely new part of the room with the words “CAFE” on the wall.

9. Investigate the electrical panel on the wall (the one that says “Local”. Tap to pull out the bars for the numbers “2, 3, 5, 8” (the numbers that weren’t green on the screen).

10. Go to the cardboard boxes on the side of the room and move them to the right along with the wooden box behind it. Take the knob plug that’s hidden behind.

11.  Go to the metal pipes on the right side of the room and behind them you’ll see a wooden pole. Take the wooden pole and combine it with the top of the hammer.

12. Go back to the main room with the door exit and you’ll see a part of the wall that is cracked to the left of the trash can. Use the hammer on the wall to break it open, revealing a switch. Take the switch.

13. Go back to the electrical room and put the switch on the electrical box (the one next to box that says “local”. Place it in the second spot. Also, use the plug in the knob thing that you took earlier.

14. Go to the work bench in the room and drag the loop across the wire. It’ll open the desk drawer. Take the keycard that is inside.

15. Go back to the main room and use the keycard in the slot next to the door to open it.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 4 of Can You Escape 2. Continue to Level 5.


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