Can You Escape 2 Walkthrough: Level 3

Can You Escape 2 is the sequel to MobiGrow’s room escape puzzler, Can You Escape. Like the original, the purpose of the game is to solve the puzzles by finding all of the hidden objects that you must use to break out of the rooms and advance to the next floor. Can You Escape 2 is currently available for Android devices. Below is a complete walkthrough for each level in Can You Escape 2.

Room/Level 3 Walkthrough:

1. Tap the beige canvas to the right of the door. You’ll see a color wheel on it.

2. Zoom in on the color wheel and notice the order of the colors. Tap the black hand to make it spin all the way around/

3. Go to the brown trunk in the corner of the room and you’ll see four rectangles. Change the colors, going from left to right: Pink, Teal, Red, Blue. Pick up the black part of the ying-yang.

4. Go to the red couch and you’ll see a bottle of wine next to it. Inspect the bottle of wine and you’ll see the number “1867”.

5. Next to the red couch is a brown stand. Go to the stand and you’ll see four grey boxes with red buttons under them. Pressing the buttons will change the numbers/letters in the boxes. Press them until you get “18b7” (there is no six). Take the white part of the ying-yang.

  • First, tap the 3rd red button until the 2nd and 4th grey squares show “8” (the 1st and 3rd should show stars)
  • Tap the 2nd button until the 1st and 3rd grey squares show “b”.
  • Tap the 4th button until the 4th grey square shows “7”
  • Tap the 1st button until the 1st grey square goes to “1”

6. Go to the wall unit on the left wall and to the left of the wall unit is a grey box. Tap the box and you’ll see a puzzle. Tap the pieces to turn them in order to complete the puzzle. You’ll get a crank.

7.  Go back to the wall with the red couch on it and to the right of the couch you’ll see a grey box. Place the crank in it and tap on it; it’ll lower a shelf.

8. Place the black and the white ying-yang in it and you’ll get a card.

9. Swipe the card in the keypad next to the door to unlock the door.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 3 of Can You Escape 2. Continue to Level 4.


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