Can You Escape 100 Doors Walkthrough: Levels 16 17 18 19 20

Can You Escape 100 Doors is a room escape game from Meeko Apps. The goal is simple: figure out how to open each door using the clues provided. Find hidden objects to help open the door, use logic and think outside the box to figure out the door codes. Or, just use the walkthrough below. Can You Escape 100 Doors is available for Android and iOS devices.

Can You Escape 100 Doors Answers

Level 16 / Door 16: Tilt your device to the left. Pick up the rock and break the black mirror. Enter the code “4832” into the keypad.

Level 17 / Door 17: Count the number of 90 degree angles in each shape on the wall. Enter the code: “4116” into the keypad.

Level 18 / Door 18: Slide  the left spear up and the right spear down.

Level 19 / Door 19: Tap the shapes so that there are the same number of segments as the numbers on the door.

Can You Escape 100 Doors lvl 19

Level 20 / Door 20: Pick up the sponge and use it on the faucet to get it wet. Use the wet sponge on the correct squares. Start from the top left square and follow the arrows.

  • Row 1, column 1
  • Row 1, column 2
  • Row 1, column 3
  • Row 1, column 4
  • Row 2, column 4
  • Row 3, column 4
  • Row 3, column 3

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 16 through 20 of Can You Escape 100 Doors. Continue to levels 21 through 25.


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