Can You Escape 100 Doors Walkthrough: Levels 1 2 3 4 5

Can You Escape 100 Doors is a room escape game from Meeko Apps. The goal is simple: figure out how to open each door using the clues provided. Find hidden objects to help open the door, use logic and think outside the box to figure out the door codes. Or, just use the walkthrough below. Can You Escape 100 Doors is available for Android and iOS devices.

Can You Escape 100 Doors Answers

Level 1 / Door 1: Tap the green elevator button.

Level 2 / Door 2: Flip your device upside down until the door opens.

Level 3 / Door 3: Drag the rope with the tear in it apart with two fingers. Then pull the rope down.

Level 4 / Door 4: Tilt your device to the left until the left door opens, then to the right until the right door opens.

Level 5 / Door 5: Pick up the ball and place it on the bar to the left of the door. Flip your device upside down.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 1 through 5 of Can You Escape 100 Doors. Continue to levels 6 through 10.


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