Can You Escape – Armageddon Level 2 Walkthrough

Can You Escape – Armageddon Level 2 Walkthrough

  1. Tap on the fire and pick up the bucket.
  2. Tap on the wood boards. Pick up the shovel next to the lamp leaning against the rocks. Match the photos on the board to open it. Go down. Use the shovel on the grave to dig up the axe.
  3. Tap the fence and you’ll be taken to a new scene of a river. Fill the bucket with water.
  4. Go back to the camp fire and pour the bucket onto the fire to put it out. Pick up the key.
  5. Pick up the hatchet and connect it to the axe.
  6. Go back to the river scene and use the axe on the tree. Cross the river.

About Can You Escape – Armageddon:

Can You Escape – Armageddon is a room escape game from developer MobiGrow, available on iOS (and soon Android). Get ready for the adventure of your life and for your life! To survive you need to use all the puzzle skills you have to solve riddles, break codes and find hidden objects. If you believe you have what it takes to face the Armageddon download this room escape game and start your journey.


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