Can You Escape – Armageddon: Level 1 Walkthrough

Can You Escape – Armageddon Level 1 Walkthrough

  1. Tap the shelves on the back wall and pick up the flashlight and batteries (combine them in your inventory).2
  2. Shine the flashlight on the wall and pick up the key.
  3. Tap the safe and search the room for the combination.
  4. Tap the trash can to the right of the door and look at the crumbled paper inside (code: 7669)
  5. Go back to the safe and enter the combination “7669”. Take the shotgun.
  6. Shoot the door open with the shotgun.

About Can You Escape – Armageddon:

Can You Escape – Armageddon is a room escape game from developer MobiGrow, available on iOS (and soon Android). Get ready for the adventure of your life and for your life! To survive you need to use all the puzzle skills you have to solve riddles, break codes and find hidden objects. If you believe you have what it takes to face the Armageddon download this room escape game and start your journey.


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