Bubble Witch 2 Saga Cheats: How to get Unlimited Lives

Bubble Witch 2 Saga

Bubble Witch 2 Saga is a new match game for iOS and Android, and sequel to King.com’s Bubble Witch Saga. Similar to its predecessor, it’s a free to play game, though with a limited number of lives to beat a level, the game offers to sell you in-game items. However, with a few tips, cheats, and “strategies,” you can avoid having to pay for these extras. Though Bubble Witch 2 Saga doesn’t have cheats per se, there are things you can do to aid your progress.

Below is a strategy you can use to help get unlimited lives, though it involves changing the clock on your device. All you need to do when you get in trouble is set the clock on your phone ahead a few hours. When Bubble Witch 2 Saga tells you that there is no time left to play, simply go to the Settings menu on your phone and advance the clock.

How to change your time on iPhone and iPad:

Go to Settings -> General -> Date & time -> Set Automatically – > Off. Then advance the clock a few hours and return to your game. This will replace your lives. After you make sure your lives show up, go back to Settings and toggle the time back to Set Automatically so you don’t miss appointments or alarms.

How to change your time on Android:

The options are slightly different depending on the phone, but you will need to go to Settings -> System -> Date and time -> Uncheck Set Automatically -> Set the time ahead.




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