Brave Frontier’s Electric Summon rates up ahead of Thunder Vortex Arena

Brave Fronter Electric SummonIn just a few short hours, Brave Frontier will host a special Thunder Vortex Arena. And to help players prepare, Gumi has increased the summon rates for certain Thunder units.

For the next few hours, until Thursday, August 21 at 6:59 am, Lodin, Bran, Grybe, Elsel, Rashil and Rina have increased summon rates from the Rare Summon Gate. Gumi hasn’t announced when the Thunder Vortex Arena will open, but I’m assuming tomorrow, given the end date of the special summon rate.

Similar to the Fire Vortex Arena, it is presumed that the Thunder Vortex Arena will only allow teams composed of five Thunder units (those are the yellow units).


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