Brave Frontier: Sky Mage Rashil 6-star form

Brave Frontier Sky Mage Rashil

In an update for Brave Frontier on August 27, 2014, Rashil was given a 6-star form (along with Dilma and Logan). When in her 6-star form, Rashil is known as “Sky Mage Rashil.” Below are details, including leader skill, brave burst, super brave burst, and required evolution materials.

Sky Mage Rashil

“A wizard who long ago led an army of mages in the Atharva Republic. After their defeat at the hands of Vishra, thecyborg subject of his research vanished. However, the otherworldly technology he had acquired from his travels with her allowed him to build a mechanical beast powered by lightning. The day after its completion, orders to return to the Atharvaian army arrived, for the war with the gods was under way. He ignored these orders, instead pursuing rumors of the whereabouts of his research subject.”

Sky Mage Rashil’s stats, Brave Burst and Super Brave Burst:

Leader Skill: Pulsating Vigor 
Boost in BC produced during Spark & greatly fills BB gauge after each turn

Brave Burst: Starlight Ruin 
Greatly recovers HP for all allies & boosts critical hit rate for 3 turns

Super Brave Burst: Life Stream 
Greatly recovers HP for all allies, boosts critical hit rate for 3 turns, and renders self able to withstand a K.O.
(Note: In-game description will be updated with the details stated above. Effect is working as intended)

Evolution Materials:

  • 1 Miracle Totem
  • 1 Thunder Totem
  • 2 Thunder Idols
  • 1 Metal Mimic
  • 500,000 Zel

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