Brave Frontier: Noble Fist Dilma 6-star form

Noble Fist Dilma

Continuing to detail the new 6-star forms of Dilma, Logan, and Rashil from the latest update in Brave Frontier (on August 27, 2014), developer Gumi has finally shed some light on Noble Fist Dilma, as the 6-star is officially called. Below are details, including leader skill, brave burst, super brave burst, and required evolution materials.

Noble Fist Dilma

A martial artist from the Toltya School of Martial Arts. Experiencing a crushing defeat for the first time while on a quest for the girl of his dreams, he became irate with his own weaknesses. Returning to his old dojo, he immersed himself in his training again, this time discovering a new doctrine: devoting himself to others gave him a new kind of power. The war with the gods was commencing when he set out to find his love again. It is said that he saved countless lives with his new power and techniques.

Noble Fist Dilma’s stats, Brave Burst and Super Brave Burst:

Leader Skill: Intense Pulse
Boost in damage dealt during Spark and greatly fills BB Gauge after each turn

Brave Burst: Chaos Strike
2 Combo powerful Earth attack on all enemies and chance of ignoring opponent’s Def when attacking for all allies for 2 turns

Super Brave Burst: Grave Gazer
2 Combo massive Earth attack on all enemies, adds chance of ignoring opponent’s Def when attacking for all allies for 2 turns and fully recovers own HP for 3 turns

Evolution Materials

  • Miracle Totem
  • Earth Totem
  • Earth Idol
  • 1 Metal Mimic
  • 500000 Zel

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