Brave Frontier New Rare Summons: Tyrant Phee, Ivy Nalmika, and Ruin Zellha

Phee, Nalmika, & Zellha!

In an update on September 5, 2014, Brave Frontier has three new characters: Tyrant Phee, Ivy Nalmika, and Ruin Zellha, three new heroes “with unmeasured strength and capabilities.”

Now available through the Rare Summon Gate (with an increased rate), below are the stats for each of the three new characters, including their Leader Skill and Brave Burst.

Ruin Zellha

Brave Frontier Ruin Zellha A goddess that wanted to deceive the other gods in order to use them. On a whim, she made her way to the Bariura Empire where she grew close to a dark magician. However, this magician turned the tables on her, using the goddess to gain her knowledge and power. Enraged, Zellha tried to use other higher ranking gods to seek revenge, but contrary to her expectations, the gods didn’t budge and were captured instead. After that, regardless of her own intentions, she decided to destroy all humans, taking the initiative by heading towards the battlefield.

Leader Skill: High Ruler’s Magic

Reduction in BB gauge required for BB

Brave Burst: Before I…

8 combo powerful Light attack on single enemy and probably Injury and Weak effect

Evolution Materials

  • 1 Light Totem
  • 2 Light Pot
  • 1 Light Idol
  • 1 Dragon Mimic
  • 200000 Zel

Note: Gumi is still in the process of revealing each new hero.

Each of these new characters can be unlocked through the Rare Summon Gate.

Additionally, “Super Rare Summon Rates Up” is activated from September 5, 07:00 to September 7, 06:59 PST. During this time, you’ll be able to summon minimum of 4-star units and above — applicable for ALL Rare Summon units. There’s also a small chance of getting any of the previously released 6-star units.



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