Brave Frontier: New Hero ‘Scourgemistress Adriesta’ Stats & Details

Scourgemistress Adriesta - Brave FrontierA new hero is coming your way through the summon gates in Brave Frontier! As of today, Scourgemistress Adriesta, the Master Witchhunter of the Imperial Academy is available. Check out her details below.

Name: Scourgemistress Adriesta
Element: Fire
Rarity: Omni
Cost: 48

Lord-tye Stats
Max HP: 8095 (1500)
Max Atk: 3127 (600)
Max Def: 2704 (600)
Max Rec: 2580 (600)

Normal Attack
Number of Hits: 18
Max BC generated: 54 (3 BC/hit)

Leader SkillBloodflame Baptism
50% boost to max HP, hugely boosts Spark damage [100%] for 2 turns when Sparks have exceeded certain amount, Spark damage boosts BB gauge [2-3BC] & negates elemental damage

Brave BurstPyreflame Hurricane
BC Required: 27
Max BC generated: 22 (1 BC/hit)
22 combo powerful Fire and Thunder attack on all foes, largely boosts own Spark damage [50%] for 3 turns, & Spark damage boosts BB gauge [2-3BC] and restores HP [600-800HP] for 3 turns

Super Brave BurstSorcery-Consuming Flame
BC required: 25
Max BC generated: 30 (1 BC/hit)
30 combo powerful Fire and Thunder attack on all foes, hugely boosts Atk and Def [160%] for 3 turns, boosts Atk relative to Def [70%] for 3 turns, Spark damage boosts BB gauge [2-3BC] for 3 turns & adds probable [20%] 1 turn Atk, Def reduction [20%] effect to attack for 3 turns

Ultimate Brave BurstCrematory Oubilette
BC required: 30
Max BC generated: 40 (1 BC/hit)
40 combo massive Fire and Thunder attack on all foes, enormously boosts Atk and Def [300%] for 3 turns, enormous Atk and Def reduction [90%] for 3 turns, 50% elemental damage reduction for 3 turns & activates Thunder barrier [25,000HP]

Extra SkillDaemones Malleus Infinitium
100% boost to Def and Spark damage when Spark count exceeds certain amount

SP Options
[SP Cost: 10] 20% boost to max HP and Def
[SP Cost: 10] 20% boost to Atk and Rec
[SP Cost: 20] 100% max boost to Atk and Def relative to remaining HP
[SP Cost: 20] 80% boost to Spark damage
[SP Cost: 50] Adds Thunder barrier [3000 HP] effect to SBB
[SP Cost: 30] Enhances SBB’s Atk relative to Def boost [+10%] effect
[SP Cost: 30] Enhances BB/SBB’s BB gauge boost during Spark [+1] effect
[SP Cost: 50] Enhances SBB’s Atk and Def boost [+20%] effect
[SP Cost: 40] Allows UBB’s boost effects to last for 4 turns

[7★ Lore]
Fervor. Resolve. Courage. These were the words that Adriesta was known by as she learned the arts of witch-hunting at the Imperial Academy. There, the young orphan quickly grasped the nuances of warfare, eventually becoming the youngest living member to attain the rank of Master Witch Hunter. With a keen eye and an uncompromising nature, her exploits in battling the demonic forces plaguing the land soon spread far and wide. Some said that it had gone too far, and too wide, but she paid it no heed. Yet soon, an unexpected turn of events found her becoming swollen with child. Despite her initial objections, she soon warmed to the idea of motherhood. On the day of her childbirth, however, a dark presence penetrated her wards and killed everyone else before ripping her child from its womb. The last thing she remembered was the pain and the blood before the darkness claimed her … which made her awakening on Fuindor’s shores a total oddity. As she arose, the Fuinsignum on her pelvis pulsed with a fiery light. Before she could inspect it, though, a horde of demons emerged from the island, howling for battle and flesh.

[Omni Lore]
Fervor. Resolve. Courage. These were the values that Adriesta clung to in her newfound life. Death’s hold on her no longer existed, as she woke over and over again on Fuindor’s shores after every excruciating demise. Every death – whether it was by rending claw, acid spit, searing fire or crushing limbs – ended in the same way. She arose whole and unharmed the next day, her Fuinsignum dully burning against her skin in the morning dawn. At first, she wondered why she was given this “gift”. Was it a sick joke by some half-forgotten god? Or was there a more sinister plan at work? Fragments of her old life flashed before her eyes, yet they seemed to slip away with each new sunrise. Soon, the only thing that drove her forward was the memory of the demon that robbed her of her child. It would pay for the slight, no matter how many times she had to walk through a blood-soaked hell to find it. Oh, how it would pay.


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