Brave Frontier: Luly, Rina and Lunaris get 6-star forms

Brave Frontier 6-star form

A new update to Brave Frontier has brought 6-star forms to Luly, Rina, and Lunaris. Should you choose to evolve them, their 6-star forms shall be known as: Havoc God Luly, Gold Queen Rina, and Black Lotus Lunaris.

These 6-star forms come on the heals of new 6-star forms for Lilith, Reeze and Vishra.

“Behold the hidden power of the Guardians! Meet the capricious Havoc God Luly, the zealous Gold Queen Rina, and the bewitching Black Lotus Lunaris as they ascend to another tremendous evolution!”

To celebrate their new forms, each character’s 4- and 5-star forms now have increased summon rates in the Rare Summon Gate from September 11, 07:00 PST to September 13, 06:59 PST.

You can find details for each character’s 6-star form below:

Black Lotus Lunaris

Havoc God Luly


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