Brave Frontier: Lucina, Darvan and Eric get 6-star forms

Brave Frontier Lucina Darvan Eric

A new update to Brave Frontier on October 7, 2014,  has brought 6-star forms to Lucina, Darvan, and Eric. Should you choose to evolve them, their 6-star forms shall be known as: Azure Goddess Lucina, Steel Shield Darvan. and Arcane Solo Eric.

“Through these perilous times, heroes were chosen! The gate brings forth a glimmer of hope as 3 figures steps out of the shadows and rise to take the challenge!”

So far Gumi has only shared the details of Azure Goddess Lucina, which can be seen below. Of course, we’ll update once the other two 6-star forms have been detailed.

Azure Goddess Lucina

Azure Goddess Lucina Brave Frontier

“A knight sworn to the Sama Kingdom. Relying on a letter left by her father, she learned through her travels that her mother was the daughter of the ruler of all the fauna in the oceanic depths. She knew she could deny her divine marine powers no longer, instead unleashing them when the war against the gods began. Rushing back to her friend’s side in her homeland, her awakened prowess with the sword was enough to drive them away from Selena in an instant.”

Leader Skill: Five Light’s Destruction
50% boost to Atk power of all Units when 5 elements or more are present & small chance of ignoring an opponent’s Def when attacking

Brave Burst: Mobius Wave
14 combo Water elemental attack on single enemy & Earth element added to attack for 3 turns

SUPER Brave Burst: Grand Tundra
16 combo Water elemental attack on all enemies & boost to Atk for all Units and Earth element added to attack for 3 turns

Evolution Materials
1 Miracle Totem
1 Water Totem
2 Water Pot
1 Metal Mimic
500,000 Zel


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