Brave Frontier: Logan, Dilma and Rashil 6-star forms detailed

Brave Frontier: Logan, Dilma, Rashil

Dilma, Rashil and Logan have each been given 6-star forms in Brave Frontier — each of which are detailed below. Henceforth, their 6-star forms shall be known as: Noble Fist Dilma, Sky Mage Rashil and Inferno Swords Logan.

Gumi has begun to detail each of the characters new forms’ stats, skills and required evolution materials.

Inferno Swords Logan

Inferno Swords Logan

“The twin sword wielding knight, Logan, finally reached his 6-star evolution with promising skills that made him worthy of a spot on your squad! With Shida’s help, he was then transformed, gaining tremendous fighting skill in order to defeat the demon named Vishra.”

Inferno Swords Logan’s Skill, Brave Burst Skill and Super Brave Burst Skill:

Leader Skill: Five Light’s Order
65% boost to Atk power of all Units when 5 elements or more are present

Brave Burst: Demon’s Soul
13 combo massive Dark attack on single enemy & partial HP drain

SUPER BB: Magical Coffin
16 combo Dark elemental attack on all enemies & own Def decreased by half, plus enormous boost to Atk for 3 turns

Evolution Materials:

  • 1 Miracle Totem
  • 1 Dark Totem
  • 2 Dark Idols
  • 1 Metal Mimic
  • 500,000 Zel

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Noble Fist Dilma

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Brave Frontier Sky Mage Rashil



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