Brave Frontier: Lilith, Reeze and Vishra get 6-star forms

Terminator Lilith, Hail Gigantron Reeze, and Rakshasa Lord Vishra

Lilith, Reeze, and Vishra have each been given 6-star forms in Brave Frontier. Should you choose to evolve them, their 6-star forms shall be known as: Terminator Lilith, Hail Gigantron Reeze, and Rakshasa Lord Vishra.

These 6-star forms come on the heals of new 6-star evolutions for Logan, Dilma and Rashil.

“Power up your squad as three of our units ascend to another monumental evolution. Summoners, join us as Grand Gaia welcomes the eternity force of Terminator Lilith, the northern death of Hail Gigantron Reeze, & Rakshasa Lord Vishra’s demonic blade!”

To celebrate their new forms, each character’s 4- and 5-star forms now have increased summon rates in the Rare Summon Gate from September 3, 07:00 PST to September 4, 06:59 PST.

You can find details for each character’s 6-star form below:

Rakshasa Lord Vishra

Rakshasa Lord Vishra









Terminator Lilith

Terminator Lilith - Guardian - Brave Frontier








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