Brave Frontier: Havoc God Luly 6-star form

Brave Frontier Havoc God Luly

In an update for Brave Frontier on September 11, Luly was given a 6-star form (along with Lunaris and Rina). When in her 6-star form, Luly is known as “Havoc God Luly.” Below are the details, including her leader skill, brave burst, super brave burst, and required evolution materials.

Havoc God Luly

“A destructive earth magic wielding former Guardian who rebelled against the gods. Having sided with Sodis as a traitor against the gods, she battled fiercely with their pursuers. Declaring she was bored, she put the rest of her magic power into one final attack completely blowing away all of Alyut’s followers. With only the 12 Guardians left, Luly sank to the ground with a discouraged look on her face where she gazed on as the others fought on.”

Havoc God Luly’s stats, Brave Burst and Super Brave Burst:

Leader Skill: Thunder’s Conviction
15% reduction in damage from Thunder types & boost to damage dealt to Thunder types from Earth types

Brave Burst: World’s Power
10 combo powerful Earth attack on all enemies & boost to HC drop rate for 3 turns

Super Brave Burst: Land of Origin
12 combo powerful Earth attack on all enemies & boost to HC drop rate and Atk for Earth types for 3 turns

Evolution Materials:

  • 1 Miracle Totem
  • 1 Earth Totem
  • 2 Earth Pots
  • 1 Metal Mimic
  • 500,000 Zel

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