Brave Frontier guide to getting free Gems

In Brave Frontier, Gems are a form of in-game currency that can be used for a number of things including replenishing energy (stamina), increasing your unit or item capacity, restoring your Arena energy and, perhaps best of all, performing Rare Summons (unlocking three star or better characters). With such functionality, Gems are also the rarest form of currency, capable of being purchased with real-life cash through the in-game shop. The prices are as follows:

  • $0.99 = 1 Gem
  • $3.99 = 5 Gems
  • $8.99 = 12 Gems
  • $16.99 = 24 Gems
  • $34.99 = 50 Gems
  • $64.99 = 100 Gems

The good news is there are various ways to acquire Gems for free in Brave Frontier — legally, without hacks, too. Below are a few ways you can obtain Gems in Brave Frontier without cheating or using real money.

1. Clearing an entire Adventure within the Quest Zones

In the world of Grand Gaia there are several Quest Zones (Mistral, Morgan, St. Lamia, etc.). These zones are further divided into individual Adventures (Adventurer’s Prairie, Cave of Flames, Egor Snowfield, etc.)

Successfully completing an entire Adventure (usually consisting of 3-8 levels) will reward you with a “Clear Bonus” of 1 free Gem.

Note: You will only be rewarded a gem for the first time you clear an entire Adventure.

2. Clearing an entire Vortex Dungeon

Similar to the Quest Zones, the Vortex offers you another way to earn free Gems. Vortex quests are usually a little more specific (Gold on the weekends, Totems, etc.), but completing a Vortex dungeon in its entirety will also reward you with 1 free game. For example, clearing levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Cave of Desires will get you a free gem.

Note: You will only be rewarded a gem for the first time you clear an entire Vortex Dungeon.

3. Daily Login Bonus

Each day you login, you’ll receive a free “bonus” that is unlocked by picking 1 of 9 random chests. These chests contain all sorts of special bonuses, including a free Gem. Your best chance to win a free Gem is by having the maximum daily login bonus, so remember to login EVERY day.

4. Arena Rankings

Arena rankings are Brave Frontier‘s form of PvP. These matches are automatically simulated and match your team of five starters versus another players. Successfully winning an Arena match will earn you experience that, in turn, will help you rank up. At certain ranks, you will be rewarded with free Gems. Below are the ranks in which you will get free Gems.

  • Level 1: Novice = 1 Gem
  • Level 4: Contender = 1 Gem
  • Level 7: Duelist = 1 Gem
  • Level 10: Berserker = 1 Gem
  • Level 13: Sage = 1 Gem
  • Level 16: Guardian = 1 Gem
  • Level 19: Titan = 1 Gem
  • And so on, every three (3) levels. Towards the later levels (starting at level 28), you will be rewarded with more Gems.

5. Frontier Hunter

At certain times, the Survey Office will open up the Frontier Hunt, which essentially rewards you with Frontier Service points every time you perform an action (completing a dungeon, winning an Arena match, etc.). Earning Service points will eventually place you in a ranking. Depending on your ranking, you can earn bonus rewards, including free Gems.

There you have it, five ways to earn free Gems in Brave Frontier. Are there cheats and hacks? Probably, but Brave Frontier is pretty generous in how it gives free Gems.


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