Brave Frontier: Fire Samba Ramna 6-star form

Fire Samba Ramna

In an update for Brave Frontier on September 20, 2014,  Ramna was given a 6-star form (along with Zephyr and Ophelia). When in her 6-star form, Ramna is known as “Fire Samba Ramna.” Below are the details, including her leader skill, brave burst, super brave burst, and required evolution materials.

Fire Samba Ramna

“A former Guardian who attempted to stop the gods’ plan to destroy the humans. Leaving the land of the gods as a traitor, her lover, now her enemy – Farlon, appeared before her. Clashing swords with a man who now saw her as a traitor, she risked her life trying to persuade him to change. There is no record depicting how the volcanic clashing of these star-crossed lovers ended. However, a recently discovered diary suggests that they may have possibly made up in the end.”

Fire Samba Ramna‘s stats, Brave Burst and Super Brave Burst:

Leader Skill: Earth’s Conviction
15% reduction in damage from Earth types & boost to damage dealt to Earth types from Fire types

Brave Burst: Fiery Ballet
11 combo powerful Fire attack on all enemies & boost to Def for 3 turns

SUPER BB: Cremation Waltz
13 combo powerful Fire attack on all enemies, boost to Def & boost to Atk of Fire types for 3 turns

Evolution Materials:

  • 1 Miracle Totem
  • 1 Fire Totem
  • 2 Fire Pots
  • 1 Metal Mimic
  • 500000 Zel

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