Brave Frontier adds daily tasks with latest update

Brave Frontier Daily Tasks

The July update for Brave Fontier added a brand new feature called “Daily Task.” As the name suggests, these daily tasks are optional quests of sorts. Each day, when you log in, you should receive a pop up menu highlighting the three tasks for the day. These are completely optional, but completing them will reward you with BP (Brave Points).

So what’s BP? Think of it as a currency you can use to redeem for various in-game items like ore, potions, spheres and summon tickets. Additionally, there are BP “Milestones” that essentially give you free rewards for reaching a certain amount of BP. For example, at 50 BP, you’ll give 5 High Cure potions. At 100, you’ll get a free Gem. The more BP you get, the better the rewards.

As for the daily tasks, these consist of things like “achieving 4 victories in the arena” for 20BP or “fusing 20 units” for 20 BP. You can locate your day’s tasks under the “Menu” -> “Brave Pts & Rewards” option. Above the tasks is a refresh timer that’ll let you know how much longer you have to complete the tasks and when you’ll be assigned new ones.


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