Boom Beach update teaser #3: Operations

Boom Beach

As you’re probably aware by now, Boom Beach is getting an update that’ll bring players of the game together like never before. Task Forces, which Supercell teased earlier this week, are the main feature of this upcoming update, serving as the starting point for other features — including Operations, which Supercell teased today.

Operations are a new raid style of play that offers Task Forces a new challenge when taking on the Blackguard. When you launch an operation , which lasts 24 hours, two or more bases are revealed for your Task Force to attack. Only the Task Force Leader and Officers can launch operations which require intel per operation. Higher intel cost operations will be harder, but also offer greater rewards for success. You’ll also be rewarded with Force Points which means more rewards and more fame on the leaderboards.

There’s still plenty to learn about Operations, but we’ll figure it out once the update goes live — presumably some time this week.





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