Boom Beach update sneak peeks at Task Forces and Intel

Boom Beach

Developer Supercell Games is readying to release a new update for Boom Beach, its popular mobile combat strategy game. In typical Supercell fashion, they are preparing for this update by providing us with sneak peeks at all of the new features it’ll bring — most of which seem centered around team-based gameplay.

Arriving with this update are Task Forces (available at HQ 6), groups of players that band together to fight the Blackguard. Task Forces can be created with max player sizes of 5, 10, 25, and 25. The max player size of the Task Force can be increased, but once it is increased it can never decrease again because there are separate leaderboards for each size bracket. Basically, the bigger the Task Force, the more difficult operations you can take on with potentially greater rewards.

YouTuber “Daddy” has provided some clarification on the topic.

With Task Forces, comes Intel, a new resource within the game that can’t be bought, only earned from attacking and defending. Intel is used to uncover the Blackguard mainland and belongs to your Task Force, meaning you don’t take it with you if you leave. Intel contributions from each Task Force member are visible to everyone and reset to zero each week; however, your Task Force’s total intel doesn’t.

Again, here’s an explanation by YouTuber Daddy.

Supercell hasn’t announced when the Boom Beach update will go live, but we’re assuming some day this week.


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