Boom Beach ‘Grenadier’ update full patch notes

Boom Beach Grenadier

Earlier today, Supercell Games released “The Grenadier Awakens” update for Boom Beach. As the name suggests, the big highlight of this update is the addition of a brand new soldier: The Grenadier.

This powerful ranged unit, available at HQ 16, deals (inaccurate) area damage.

In addition to the Grenadier, there are a number of other fun toys and gameplay improvements included in the update, all of which are detailed in the full patch notes below.

New toys:

  • The Grenadier! A powerful ranged unit that deals area damage, rather inaccurately (available at HQ 16)
  • Leaders and Officers can spend Intel to sabotage (destroy) random defensive buildings in Task Force operations
  • Added a fresh batch of new Power Bases and NPC levels

Gameplay improvements:

  • Dr. Terror’s Wednesday event Statues have been weakened
  • More consistent invasions
  • Operations will display “too easy”, “easy”, “normal”, “hard” or “impossible” based on your Task Force’s strength
  • Old Flare timers are hidden when a new Flare is used
  • Gunboat ability timers don’t stack on top of each other anymore
  • After maintenance, you can’t attack player bases or Resource Bases for a short while
  • You now get one extra guaranteed Power Stone Crystal after beating Terror Stage 19
  • Changed VP reward to give Shards instead of Crystals
  • Leaving a Task Force at any point during an operation will make you ineligible for the OP reward

Things that look cooler:

  • A captured Blackguard freighter delivers your OP reward
  • Power Core and Power Cell destruction effects have been amped up
  • Gears and fans have been turned on in operation levels
  • New invasion and destruction animations on the map
  • New attack in progress animations on the operations map
  • New look for several building upgrade levels: HQ (4, 5, 6, 17), Quarry (2, 4, 5), Iron Mine (2, 3, 5, 9), Sawmill (7, 8, 9), Sculptor (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Cannon (11) and Rocket Launcher (7)

UI improvements:

  • New invasion information can be found on the Radar info screen at level 6
  • Previous operations can be viewed from the operations map
  • Activity Log now shows Dive Location spawns
  • Visit Task Force members’ bases from the chat
  • Check out potential recruits’ bases from their join requests
  • See which Task Forces your friends are in from the Friends tab
  • Attacker’s name is now shown when watching a replay or spectating
  • Confirmation check before committing to your Task Force attack

Bonus material:

  • Epic win sound plays when you beat an operation, Terror Stage 20 or Lt. Hammerman

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